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Billy Bragg

Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis.
Saturday August 26, 8pm.

It was 1983 when the boy from Essex who would become the UK’s foremost political singer-songwriter released his first record, Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy.


After 13 studio albums, eight compilations, two box sets, and countless tours across countless international borders, the elder statesman of today, bearded and ‘ruggedly handsome’ (according to one Facebook fan), refuses to slip into the dotage of self-parody. In his fifties, neither the fight nor the fight songs have left Billy Bragg.


Orator, entertainer, rabble-rouser, negotiator, pamphleteer, the fabled ‘big-nosed bard from Barking’, Billy is many things. The one thing he will always be is wonderfully entertaining.

TICKETS: £25 in advance, £30 on the door. NB This is a STANDING ONLY show.


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