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Anne Boleyn
Wolf at the Door

A musical tale of love and Tudor tragedy

Bob Whitley and Lee MacKenzie

Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis.
Sunday August 27, 12.30pm.

Hot on the heels of last year’s brilliant Magellan: Circumnavigation, Bob Whitley (guitars and mandola) and Lee MacKenzie (cello) bring to Lyme Folk Weekend their brand new show, Anne Boleyn: Wolf at the Door.


Come with us back to the I6th Century and the story of the triumph and tragedy of Anne Boleyn.

Anne holds Henry VIII in thrall for six years and supplants Katherine of Aragon as Queen of England on the promise that she will bear Henry a son and royal heir.


In a Tudor court of scheming courtiers, religious fervour and feuding families all are fighting for the King's favour in a deadly battle of destinies and dynasties.


Written and composed by Bob Whitley, Wolf at the Door is a tale of love and Tudor tragedy, a magical combination of vivid storytelling and beautiful music. 



TICKETS: £15 in advance, £20 on the door. NB This is a SEATED ONLY show.


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